In Uganda, agriculture is the backbone of the economy and it’s because of this background that Bryan White Foundation has come up to support the sector.

In Uganda the demographic figures show that male take the highest percentage in agriculture of which 78.9% were male and 21.1% were female.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistic census report of 2008/9, this is the reason as to why the foundation came up to boost agriculture.

Agriculture is one of the sectors that the foundation is involving itself in and is continuously funding. The foundation provides farmers with tools like hoes, pangas, seeds and seedlings to ease their job.

This is how the foundation is coming in to;

  • To encourage communities to undertake agriculture activities
  • To sensetise people to take agriculture as commercial rather subsistence
  • To educate people on proper land usage and utilization
  • To arrange workshops that involve the youths and all other stake holders
  • To fund projects that are agricultural based.