Bakateyamba Eldery Home

Bryan White Foundation Visits Mapeera Bakateyemba’s Home Of Elderly

Bryan White Foundation (BWF) led by their boss Bryan White on
Wednesday paid a humanitarian visit to Mapeera Bakateyamba Home of elderly in Nalukolongo Kampala. Bryan White through his foundation donated over Shs 100m to the elderly and needy home. The donation includes items worth millions of shillings, a generator worth Shs 92m and a wall fence. The charity home had collected Shs 25m on the wall fence but with Bryan White Foundation’s visit, the boss agreed to complete construction of the fence to 100%.

The home is occupied by elderly people both male and females who have nowhere to stay and most of them lost their relatives during civil wars in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, and many other East Africa countries. Some occupants also came to work in Kampala and got too old to locate back their ancestral homes.

The home is being looked after by Good Samaritan Sisters under the Catholic Church. Some people bring kids especially the disabled ones and drop them there knowing that these sisters will pick the kids and look after them.

The foundation held prayers, cleaned up the area and participated in entertainment with them. As part of the work, the foundation also provided food items, soft drinks, basins, jerrycans, cleaning blushes and soap which are the mostly needed items at the home.

Bryan White applauded the sisters for the good work of helping the elderly. “This work being done here is great, we thank the sisters for this great job,” Bryan White said.

“Sister let this fence don’t disturb your head. My money is there to
help the needy and if i can drive a car worth Shs 800m what about a fence worth around Shs 70m so my sisters don’t worry about the fence and generator, we shall construct it because this is our home, anyone can come here to get care,” Bryan White said.

Mapeera Bakateyamba’s Home (MBH) Nalukolongo, Kampala Archdiocese was started in 1978 by the Late His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga.

This home was initially supposed to accommodate the elderly from war torn areas and those who didn’t have any family members to look after them. The home has people from Rwanda, Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, Christians and non-Christians.

The community of Good Samaritan Sisters are the main care takers with help from a few volunteers, they wash, feed, dress, clean, most of
these people are Lame, blind, Deaf, bedridden others too old to stand.