What We Fund

In Uganda, agriculture is the backbone of the economy and it’s because of this background that Bryan White Foundation has come up to support the sector.

In Uganda the demographic figures show that male take the highest percentage in agriculture of which 78.9% were male and 21.1% were female.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistic census report of 2008/9, this is the reason as to why the foundation came up to boost agriculture.

Agriculture is one of the sectors that the foundation is involving itself in and is continuously funding. The foundation provides farmers with tools like hoes, pangas, seeds and seedlings to ease their job.

The foundation is looking at skilled education which is a hands-on system to supplement Uganda’s theoretical dominated education system.

The biggest percentage between age bracket of 13-18, the highest percentage of female is out of school in rural areas while those that are poor, are being helped by the foundation.

The foundation also provides scholastic materials to pupils back semi urban and rural schools. These materials include sanitary towels which have led a number of girls miss out on schools due to lack of such towels. The foundation gives them school bags, pen, books, pencils and many others necessities.


In line with our purpose of being a catalyst for building of strong, connected, healthy, happy and prosperous communities, we divert part of our funds to health sector.

A health population is a wealth one. The foundation supports Referral hospitals, Health centres and tackles other health related issues.
There is little public health knowledge. Without intervention, diseases and illness will plague our population. Bryan White Foundation(BWF) is committed to fund health as a measure to curb all these.

The Bryan White Foundation knows that talents especially in sports and its against that background that the Foundation sponsors sports clubs and activities in different parts of the country