Mowzey Radio

Moses Ssekibogo aka “Mowzey Radio” was one of Uganda’s most talented, Sensational and Angle like Musician, Writer, and Producer.

He accomplished very many deeds during his lifetime which was unfortunately cut short on 1st February 2018 but left behind some unfinished projects that included his mother’s house in Kaaga, Nakawuka, Wakiso District

Bryan White through his Bryan White Foundation made a pledge to finish house and have Mowzey’s mother stay in a conducive environment.  

The foundation has fulfilled its promise of completing Radio’s mother’s house that the late left under construction.

The Foundation promised to complete the house which is done and also build a house over radio’s grave which is also being constructed.

Our Founder is known for his generous heart of giving out money, material things and inspiration through his foundation.

Bryan White has been of great help to the late from the time Radio got hospitalized at case hospital where he cleared the enormous hospital bills.

We Thank God that Through the Bryan White Foundation, the house has seen its completion.

May Mowzey Radio’s Soul Rest In Peace.

Mowzey Radio aka Moses Ssekibogo