The Bryan White Foundation has camped in Arua for over 2 weeks with the aim of Awakening the Youth From Poverty.

Arua District is located in the West Nile region and has in the past been marred by instability that has negatively impacted on the social and economic livelihood of all the people in the region.  

This has led to the growth of gangs mainly among the youth that have are struggling to make ends meet.


Notable among the gangs include;

  • Super Hiltop Boys
  • Fire Eaters
  • Sansiro Boys
  • Garamba Boys
  • Across Karuma
  • Ak City
  • Air Japan
  • Embassy Poker Youth
  • Real Life Group
  • Arufu Management
  • Mbura Mbura Group e.t.c

These have been engaging in criminal activities that include but not limited to Murder, Rape, Aggravated Robbery, and Defilement.

The Bryan White Foundation aims at helping such groups see the error of their ways, sensitize them and have them leave that criminal lifestyle in the past, to engage in self-help projects that can create employment opportunities and sustain their livelihoods.

This has been achieved and so far we have managed to bring all these gangs together and unified them, sensitized them and some even returned items they had stolen like Motorcycles, Bicycles, Phones, Wallets, National IDs and even drugs such as Marijuana and Opium.

We opened up and office in Arua Town to help coordinate our activities better and also have a central point where we shall be meeting those we help and wish to empower from poverty.

Our activities in the region have varied from Donations to Hospitals, Health Centers, Security Agencies, Schools and Youth Organizations.



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