Auto Spa Kampala

Bryan White and the Bryan White Foundation Embarked on a Mission of sensitizing, rehabilitating and modelling the criminally affiliated youth into good citizens

Ghetto Youths hand over weed, stolen property as Bryan White Foundation moves to save them from idleness and criminal gangs at Auto Spa Munyonyo

Bryan White’s words of wisdom have instilled hope among the youths and he attracted hundreds of unemployed youths from within Kampala. Most of the youths have been involved in tough activities like stealing, drug use, and prostitution to be able to earn a living.

While addressing a second consecutive rally in two days as requested by the youths, Bryan White received hundreds of items including phones, DVD players, bags, wallets, knives, tablets, iPads and sticks

of weed as well as seeds of marijuana which have been in the herbs of ghettos. Majority of the youths were from Kawempe, Ggaba, Bunga, Buziga and the surrounding areas.

“We need to bring these guys closer to us so that they get out of the ghetto and give them what to do. I will reach out to the youths everywhere in this country and we kick poverty out,” Bryan White said.

Part of those who sworn not to involve themselves again in such dangerous activities like prostitution came with both male and female condoms they have been using during their night games or escapades.

The activist whose foundation goal is ‘Awakening Youths From Poverty’ promised to look at each individuals proposal on Friday to see how he will support them financially and keep monitoring their progress.

He promised to continue spreading message of love, hope, safety so asto  instill hope among the youths.

The youths have been registered to undergo rehabilitation and engage in different income generating projects with their proposed business review this Friday.

Bryan White Foundation has set the trend higher and hundreds of unemployed youths who have been disturbing fellow Ugandans by robbing their property continue to come out and denounce their old habits as they head rejuvenation.

One of the ladies who have been involved in prostitution explaining her ordeal of the odd job